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21 Years of Experience

Devote Time, Promote Talent


Way back in May, 1999 it all started as a dream , family driven, a vision of two talented singing sisters who saw the void and the need to impart a good music education to those aspiring children in the Abu Dhabi community and then was born this institute - The Royal institute of music & Arts, which has today envisioned that dream into reality of establishing itself and enjoys the reputation of being a leading music institute in Abu Dhabi, a school that has for the last 15 years explored, moulded and nurtured the music talents of its students in their quest for music excellence.

Our History

Established in the year 1999, Royal Institute of Music & Arts is truly a professional music institute with the sole objective of imparting high quality music education to children of all age groups in the field of Music & Arts. The Royal Institute of Music & Arts, which is approved by the Ministry of Education , is staffed by a well qualified and dedicated team of certified and professional music teachers each of them backed up by a rich source of teaching experience in their respective disciplines.

We strive to provide an ideal ambience for our children's growth as good musicians. Our objective is to provide them the highest caliber of music education and exploring and nurturing their hidden musical talent and artistic ability so that they may achieve their full potential as worthy musicians and creative artists.

To distinguish our institution nationally as one of the premier organizations for the music instruction and coaching to the aspiring young talented children of all ages and levels, from beginning to advanced that will lead them toward a lifetime of joyful music-making.